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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Middle School Art Show

This year, myself and my fellow Art Teacher at Ballard Middle School, Jill Maahs have entered a total of 13 student works to the Octagon Center for the Arts' upcoming show in Ames, Iowa.  We dropped off the artwork yesterday and are awating the shows opening on May 6th with a reception on the 9th as well. 
Since the show hasn't started yet, I have to brag early and have posted photos of the student work I submitted as well as their artist statements below
Briesen Borsheim
Grade 6

In art class, we were studying the Chinese Terracotta Warriors.  For my warrior, I decided on using clay slabs for the torso and legs and coils for the arms.  My warrior is wearing a sash that says he is the General because I wanted people to notice my artwork and know that it is mine.  He also has a knife attached to his belt because he is supposed to be “in war.”  Our warriors were fired using a smoke fire process to make them look more like how the Chinese warriors look today.  I love my warrior!

Mira Luke
Grade 6

In Art and Social Studies class we were studying the ancient Chinese Terracotta Warriors.  For my clay warrior I decided to make his form using slip and scored slab building techniques.  I gave my warrior a bun for its hair and a mini sword.  Our warriors were fired using a smoke fire process to make them look more like how the Chinese warriors look today.  Making the Terra Cotta Warriors was a very fun project!

Maggi Mallon
Grade 8

For my photography class, my teacher said that we had to utilize Eight Tips and Tricks to Great Photography.  One of them, in particular, stood out to me; Fill the Frame.  We went to a nearby park and took photos of whatever we wanted to.  My friend, Haley and I were just strolling along the grass and looked down and we found a leaf.  Haley has very beautiful eyes so we decided to use the leaf as a mask to emphasize them.  When I edited the photo, I chose to use the cross process to bring out the light that reflected off of her white eye shadow.

Kaitlyn Vasey
Grade 8

In my photography class, we had to take pictures of a variety of things using the different types and styles of photography.  I have always loved flowers and I needed to take a macro photo.  I chose to take a picture of a flower.  I thought the twigs and leaves behind it would make the flower stand out.  You can see all of the imperfections in the flower.  It reminded me of my friends; we are all a pretty flower, imperfections and all. 

Sam Upah
Grade 8
In digital photography, we were playing with perspective and finding new ways to look at things.  This tree has been photographed up close and from the base to in the macro setting to show detail and a unique view point.