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Monday, June 2, 2014

End of the Year Art!

The end of the school year always comes in at a rapid pace and is full of nonstop naturally, I embrace it and come up with lessons that are easy but entertaining so that the kids don't check out early.  So this blog post will be with minimal instructions on what I did and consist of mostly photos.

4th Grade End of the Year Projects

One day lesson: transform a toilet paper roll into anything you want!

One Day Lesson: Summer Shades (still with 4th grade):  Use tracers to cut out sunglasses and some white shades.  Students drew summer scenes or anything else they wanted on them.  Hot glue a popsicle stick on the side and you've got some sweet shades!

8th Grade:

Sculpturades--no photos but this is just like pictionary except we use play dough sculptures.   Divide the kids up into teams and having them use play dough to get their team to guess what they are making.  They LOVE this game!  I wrote down a series of words in advance for them to build/guess and each team made the same sculpture at the same time to keep it fair.

Continuous Drawing: start with a sketchook and give an instruction for the kids to draw something (e.g. draw a character) and then trade sketchbooks with someone else and draw the next instruction.  We get some crazy images which keeps it fun and the kids interested!
Draw a Character

Add something in the background

Add another item in the background

Add something in the character's hand (if no hands, add an accessory)

You can include as many or as few instructions as you want.  In the end, this is what I got!