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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Modern Day Mona Lisa

Multitasking and Mona

Mona Lisa image found and used from Wikipedia

While I did printmaking with my fourth graders, I also had them working on a drawing with the Mona Lisa.  I had set up one table for printmaking which I manned the entire time, so I wanted the other students to have an activity that was 1)worthwhile 2)something they could do independently and 3)something they would enjoy.  This Mona Lisa lesson was perfect!  

Examples for 4th Grade Day with Mona Lisa Drawings
The original paper, my pencil example and my colored in example
I started the class off by telling them that only four people could be printing their Day of the Dead skulls at a time with me and that everyone else would need to be at their tables working until it was their turn to print and after printing, you would return to this activity.  I then presented them with a little art history (via PowerPoint) about the Mona Lisa and her maker, Leonardo Da Vinci.  I focused on fun facts about her theft, Picasso's wrongful arrest, and the many attempts at her destruction (acid, rocks and tea cups?!).  We also talked about Leonardo Da Vinci as an artist and an inventor with many great ideas (the kids loved seeing his flying machine sketches).  Then I asked the students, "Since Mona Lisa has lead such an adventurous life, what kind of day would you treat her to if she was alive?"  The kids had all kinds of ideas as to what they would do with the Mona Lisa!  I showed them my examples and gave them a photo copy that had a coloring page version of the Mona Lisa printed on it and set them to work to draw their day with the Mona Lisa.  They had such great ideas!  And it was the perfect independent activity to keep them busy while I helped kids with printmaking!

4th Grade Day with Mona Lisa Drawings
A few AMAZING results
top row: making art, playing soccer, doing gymnastics
bottom row: karate, offering of tea joke, playing piano