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Friday, March 29, 2013

Superimposing Faces

Face Swapping

As I mentioned in the Glogster assignment, I teach the digital photography classes how to superimpose their heads onto another body.  I encourage them to choose someone/something they want to be when they grow up or something they'd like to accomplish...and if you know me, you wouldn't be surprised to hear that I also encourage silliness.  So below you will find various bodies I have added my face to while teaching this lesson to students...

 My personal favorite..."Me" as a centaur (from Narnia)
 "Me" running a marathon (with some serious abs as a bonus).  I should have adjusted the brightness of my face to make it more realistic.  Oh well.
Those abs actually belong to Kara Goucher found here

"Me" climbing Mt. Everest
original photo I edited my face onto found here

If you'd like the lesson I use (I use the free online editing program, Pixlr) I am happy to share, just let me know!  I then have the 7th graders use this for their Glogster assignment and the 8th graders use this skill for their Surrealism assignment!